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Easy virtual tours anyone can make. The simplest camera and app designed for real estate agents.

Give your listings ‘a voice’

In one click, capture an entire space with your phone and our 360 camera. Instantly create a 360 experience that impresses sellers and gives your buyers an unprecedented feel for the space.

Camera and app in use

Connect with your customers

Our one-click sharing makes it easy to publish engaging virtual tours to Facebook, Instagram, MLS, Zillow, and text message.

Stand out from your competition

In minutes, create and share virtual tours that engage buyers and sellers from the comfort of their smartphones.

Make the most of your time

Provide clients instant access to a walk through using their mobile phone, avoiding showings to uninterested buyers

Our exclusive camera's lightning jack iPhone 6 Our exclusive camera

Create Virtual Tours and Videos in Minutes

Whether you are tech-savvy or not, you can use OpenFrame. It's very user-friendly!

Create a virtual tour for a fully interactive experience

Let your customer navigate from room to room and look anywhere.
Listings with a virtual tour get twice as many views as listings without.* (According to Zillow)

Create videos for a more guided tour and for social media

Keep your video short with uplifting music and share them anywhere.
Listings with videos will get more attention on social media.

Create both of these from your phone. It's fast and simple!

On average, it takes 15 minutes to create a virtual tour and video of a 2000 square foot house.

Automatically create a property page

Preview of an OpenFrame virtual tour

Property pages can be created automatically

Choose to customize your property page with optional description, a list of amenities, address, contact form, 360 pictures, regular pictures, a virtual tour, videos, and more!

Property assessment re-imagined

Our unique 360 assessment feature supports property assessment either for pricing purposes or for your agent-centric iBuyer program.

Screenshot of OpenFrame app, assessment input Screenshot of OpenFrame app, assessment review
iPhone 6

Assess a property in minutes

A mobile workflow to quickly conduct a thorough 360 assessment of any property. Simple workflow to quickly collect information about a property.

Share your 360 assessment with your team

Get multiple viewpoints on an assessment by allowing a remote team to check the property in 360.

360 Assessment API

Plug our app to your existing assessment tool in hours. Simple standard format to export all data and 360 photos of any property.

"The app is incredibly worth it... This has been such a great addition to our arsenal of tools. It's really becoming the one tool that we use all the time."

Lynn Findlay - Coldwell Banker


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